Vacation mindset

Who likes going to work after a nice long vacation? Not many people do! And if you are like me, going back to a job you do not like is almost like a burden and you stress about it and hate every minute leading up to when you go back.

Have you ever asked yourself why you do what you do if you hate it so much?

Why put yourself though it if you hate it?

Most of the time the answer to that question is “because I need the money and it pays well” but that is one of the worst answers I have ever heard. Do not take a job unless you love what you do. And if you do, then make it the best job possible and do what you can until you get that job you love!

Love the job you do! Don’t let the job consume you so much that you are just doing it for the money because you will be less productive if you dislike your job.

So I’m tasking people on here, today, the minute you read this, to make a promise to yourself to find that job you love! It may take some time to get it but start the process now so you can better yourself and your future and future family!!!


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