First blog EVER!

Alrighty here goes nothing!

Hey everyone Matt here and I just wanted to say how happy I am to start this blog and see what it holds for the future. Never really got into blogging when I was younger but over the years I have noticed that its a good way to tell people a little bit about you and what you do on a daily basis to not just your friends but new people that might find the things you say, well INTERESTING, Because lets be real. Not all your friends actually like hearing about your day to day adventures and thats ok but there will always be someone out there waiting to see what you post next on social media!

Lets start out with a little background info on me.

Grew up 18 yrs in Michigan, amazing parents (don’t we all say that),  4 awesome sisters, and of course I played hockey! I was always a shy person through my school years until I got into my junior year of high school were I broke out of my shell and became a social butterfly! Made some friends here and there but always had my good friends that have not left me till this day. Graduated High school in 2008 and knew what I was gonna do when I got out. At the beginning of my senior year I thought I was just gonna go do this whole college thing and not go anywhere with my life, but my dad gave me an idea. That idea got me to where I am today! He said son, we both know you don’t really like the whole go to school and study for hours on end so why not look into the military. Fast forward to me graduating and 17 days after I graduated I was getting shipped off to boot camp! To make this story short I have been in 9 years and I have lived in Arizona, Korea, Italy and Florida and got to experience so many places for vacation that I could never forget! -Milan, Italy – Glasgow, Scotland – Croatia – Prague – Alaska – Germany and so many more!

I was able to live my dream of traveling a little bit of the world and loved every minute of it!

So fast forward again to about a year ago. At this point I have been living in Florida for about 2 years now and was starting to get bored with the whole ” military lifestyle” and wanted to do more. I got an email from a guy saying something along the lines of Hey do you want to be your own boss, make your own hours for work, and while you are out having fun still make money? I was interested in it and started doing some research, and at that point I knew I would like this, and I did! Now I will skip all the stuff in between but cover the basics of what happened I ended up getting involved in Digital marketing and joined Digital Altitude. The things I saw with the company were amazing and it was exactly what I wanted to get involved with to see if I could make some extra money on the side while still working my military job.

Man I did not realize how much work I had to put into this so called side job. I have lost sleep so many times I cant count just from having to put in work into making myself a better person. BUT I would not of done it any different. I have never felt so positive in my life before, and this feeling is something I am passionate about because it made me feel good about who I am as a person! I have learned so much about the Digital marketing business but that is the best part.

Hope everyone enjoyed this little novel and if you want tell me how I did, give me pointers on doing this whole blog thing and I will see y’all on my next post!


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